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Integrity of every action

Engagement with the community requires that not only the process. This includes the initial discussions, the development of a process, and its execution.


The objective is to have a successful process, not just a process that goes through the motions. This means that the process must almost always be co‐developed with the community.

Long‐term relationships

Any process should be built on the foundation of a larger, longer‐term relationship between the sponsoring company and the community.


Tuition-free online public schools, powered by ACA and available statewide, offering students a high-quality education. Access to an online community and a variety of support—all designed to help students feel connected and engaged.

Health of the community

Advanced community developments will redefine aging and offer new sense of purpose to seniors along with transition services and to help provide young families with affordable housing.

Health of the economy

All communities benefit from a strong and healthy character. Acting in the best interest of the community’s health is equivalent to acting on behalf of their economic well‐being. Systems met with sustainable development goals will stay our little utopia.

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